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“Twins are reincarnation of the gods on Earth. They come into the world with an inexplicable mystical force.”




Fonkpame. South Benin. In a world where the beginning and the end travel on the same track, death is something to be kept close to, not to be afraid of, part of life itself. So much so as not to die when you die, but to become a spirit. Twins, perfect and sacred, are special beings as are the mothers who conceive them. They live and are cared for forever among the people of the village, first in the form of flesh and blood, then in the form of wood. Statuettes that welcome the spirit of the dead twin and keep him alive. For this reason, Hortence and the Voodoo mothers look after, treat and respect them as if they were alive: washing, feeding and dressing them.
Benin is the cradle of Voodoo, it was born here and has been recognized as an official religion. Hortence follows its dictates. She had three twin births so she is a divinity in her village. Four twins died and live in the form of statues, two remained alive. Chancelle and Chancelline walk through the forest every morning to reach the school. Here they attend courses in French, mathematics, geography. The tools to learn a job, to build a future and push themselves towards change. Unaware of the strength of their gesture, they face a society where becoming an adult is a privilege. Where only the chosen ones can cross the forest to reach an often denied future.



2022 POY 79-Pictures Of the Year 79th – Award of Excellence

2022 Lugano Photo Days Award– Finalist Documentary

2022 World Report Award – Finalist, Single Shot

2022 LiquidaGrant – SelfSelf Books winner

2021 World Report Award ONG – Shortlist


2022 Ji.hlava IDFF Jihlava, Czech Republic.

2022 31° FESCAAAL Festival Cinema Africano Asia America Latina Milano, Italy.


2022 Flashback – Torino, Italy

2022 Terra di tutti film Festival – Bologna, Italy

2022 Festival della Fotografia Etica – Lodi, Italy

2022 SelfSelf Live Festival – Milano, Italy

2022 WeWorld Festival – Milano, Italy


Direction, cinematography, sound by ~
Jacopo Marzi

Photographer & Co-Cinematographer ~
Davide Bertuccio

Sound design by ~
Lorenzo Sattin

Music/Djembe ~
Serigne Maguette

Production by ~
We World Onlus, JM Films

Supported by ~

© Aquarela Studio

Based in Milan, Italy